FS 18 MOD APK v1.4.0.7 (Unlimited Money) Download For Android

FS 18 MOD APK v1.4.0.7 (Unlimited Money) Download For Android

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Name FS 18 MOD APK FS 18 MOD APK is the most famous version in the FS 18 MOD APK series of publisher GIANTS Software
Publisher GIANTS Software
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Update April 19, 2023
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It is not uncommon for video games to cross the line between agriculture and video gaming. Think of the iconic Sim Farm series or the beloved Harvest Moon series. The Farming Simulator series has always been a favorite of this couple. It is now in its 2018 edition and is loved by millions of virtual farmers worldwide.


FS 18 Mod Apk lets gamers manage and take care of their farm. It’s more addictive than role-playing or shooters. The simulator game is addictive even though there’s no action on the dock or dumping heaven.

These products are light, honest, and without color, which makes them feel very welcoming. This is a chance to discover real-life careers, which every player should try at least once.

Farming Simulator 18 can be one of them. This is where gamers can farm and care for good crops. These farmers are not from developing countries but from Western countries with the most modern and useful technology.

It may seem dull at first glance. When you get to know it, we guarantee that Farming Simulator 18 will be the most addictive Mobile Game title of all time.


The Farming Simulator series is well-known for its strange method of releasing chapters. It alternates between mobile devices and its home console every year.

Farming Simulators 15 & 17 are released on home consoles. With all their benefits, the 16 & the new 18 are mobile, mobile, 3DS and PlayStation Vita games. However, we don’t know why the problem is that mobile versions are often inferior to home versions.

FS 18 Mod Apk

Farming Simulator 17 was a rich and enjoyable experience. The new chapter is extremely simplified and leads to a practical step backwards in all respects. Let’s look at the situation together.


You must complete Farming Simulator 18 to start the game. This is where you will take care of your crops and cattle. It also creates a business model for your farm. These goals will be broken down into unique jobs such as planting, harvesting and selling. They provide a realistic overview of the entire process of getting farming products to customers.

Farming Simulator 18 allows you to manage a small farm and turn it into a huge producer of bacon and corn. It starts with a small plantation and a sufficient workforce, represented by two agricultural machines.

For example, a tractor can be used to attach tools and trailers for plowing and sowing. A small but capable threshing machine is used to harvest the crop. It is sufficient to practice your duties as a good farmer but not enough to reach the top of techno-agriculture.

Our business plan is: sow, harvest and sell, then earn and invest. We can now get into the field by choosing the right agricultural vehicle and piloting it.

We will be piloting the slowest aircraft trying to complete the most efficient job in the shortest amount of time. The tutorial is very brief, and the initial information is not clear enough. It is better to play a test game before you start to gallop in the fields. There are many levels of difficulty to suit those who have not used the Farming Simulator series before. Flexible approaches are possible.


Farming Simulator 18 will not only allow you to cultivate the fields and reap the harvest, but it is just one of many activities. There are many options in the countryside, including harvesting timber and breeding (sheep, cattle, and pork). No matter your interest, you need to plan to grow into that particular sphere of agriculture or livestock by dedicating land (perhaps to explicitly purchase) and purchasing the tools.

Each job will have different technologies and vehicles that the players must master. These vehicles are difficult to learn because they are simulation games. To feel the value within, you need patience. These farming vehicles are real-life models, which gives Farming Simulator 18 it’s most vivid feeling.


Farming Simulator 18 puts you in charge of managing a farm and all the tasks that go with it. It involves caring for plants, wheat, and animals like chickens and cows. You can also make money selling the fruit and completing assignments.

In the previous iteration, however, many other factors were willing to help us when we needed them. They taught us how advanced machinery works and even let us test our purchases. Farming Simulator 18 has only one helper. This helper will randomly appear, offer help, or even suggest jobs or missions.

He has the annoying habit of appearing in the middle stages of the most exciting scenes, making it more irritating than anything else. The series’ main feature was the “tranquillity” that comes with being a farmer and managing a farm.

Fans of Farming Simulator loved the ability to walk around after work and wait for the harvest. You can also check the hens and cuddle the cows. Farming Simulator 18 is mobile, so it doesn’t even allow the player to walk the farm. It speeds up all chores beyond belief by facilitating these handheld game mechanics.

First-person exploration is gone. Our character will only be connected to transport, such as tractors or other vehicles. Farming Simulator 18 is now a title that focuses exclusively on farm work and not on the life on the farm as it was in the previous chapters. This makes the series more accessible for quick sessions, but it also distorts the meaning of the series.


You will find the same graphic area when you play on 3DS or PlayStation Vita. The Sony laptop has a cleaner interface and better quality textures.

It is easy to learn how to use the console keys. It will take a while to get used to this new type of gameplay, which is quite different from when you used the keyboard on your PC during Farming Simulator 17 sessions.

However, the contents of the new chapter are inferior due to all the cuts we’ve already made. Even though only one map is available (compared to the previous maps), customization is not possible on the farm and missions are not performed by NPCs.

Farming Simulator 18 has a title in a series inferior to any previous chapters. This chapter is a complete rewrite of farm life. Thanks to smartphones and portable consoles, makes everything is more efficient and immediate.

It could be a great starting point for beginners. Fans of the series will be disappointed by its huge steps backwards.


It is difficult to choose and use more than fifty different agricultural machineries in the game. Simulator, as the title suggests, is a level of simulation that you should not underestimate. It requires you to distinguish between a tender and a mower to better manage your fields and business.

We don’t have to do everything, fortunately. We can hire helpers to assist us with specific tasks by simply touching the touch screen. This will make our job easier. Although it will initially be an option, hiring helpers is expensive. As the farm grows, helpers will be a valuable resource in our money-making engine.

This simulation and the need for managing expenses well make Farming Simulator 18 a difficult game. It even allows you to drive vehicles. It can be tedious and cumbersome. You get the satisfaction of managing everything well, while short-term satisfaction fades.

Nintendo 3DS makes it easy to enjoy all the agricultural fairs. These compromises are obvious with reduced play areas and limited graphics rendering. The Farming Simulator’s heart is still there. It’s well done, and it offers many of the benefits of the physical control system compared to what we offer in the editions available for smartphones.


We were impressed by the translation of the lyrics into foreign languages and the country music that perfectly matched the atmosphere in the United States. This version has remarkable production values.

The problem is not with the implementation of 3DS. It could be the unique nature of FS 18 Mod Apk. It is not easy to play and can be a bit stiff.

This second job in digital fields may be right for you if you want to prove your entrepreneurial skills before becoming a peasant. It might be worth your while to move on to the more advanced version of the same game.


We work in the fields, waiting patiently for the crop to grow before we can harvest and resell it. It is tedious and frustrating because the game’s speed cannot be changed.

You can watch the hours pass by in the beginning as there is only one field. As you progress in the game, the possibilities open up for you to explore different areas and diversify your activities. If you want to quickly progress towards the game’s core, don’t expect a boring or monotonous rhythm.

The first few hours are a nightmare. The autopilot is available to assist with collection and refuelling, but things are slowly improving. This will cost credits. It will ensure that the possessions are managed well and make wise choices to mitigate the effects of specific cyclical events.

The possibility of purchasing structures other than silos or fields is not possible, further reducing the earning potential and decreasing the number of things you can do long-term.

You can access new properties, assign tasks and manage your business by tapping the bottom screen. This is the smartest addition to this alternative version. You can continue playing seamlessly without having to navigate through endless purchase menus.

Farming Simulator 18 portable is not the best-selling title in the series. Even though the title’s essence is still strong, the cuts are crucial. It is not an easy task to advise the game.

You must be familiar with the genre to appreciate the production. If you are not familiar with the game, there may be significant flaws and a flattening in the gameplay. Technical limitations are due to the low power of consoles. However, it does not affect the final evaluation.


Farming Simulator 18 MOD APK is the correct translation on Nintendo 3DS and other smartphones. Because of its unique simulation nature, it is unsuitable for all users. It should be approached with caution.

It is hard to explain the phenomenon that led the Farming Simulator series to success. It was not a winning idea to assume the role of a farmer trying to survive on his farm. However, such an outrageous idea was rewarded by the market.

Download (176MB)

You are now ready to download FS 18 MOD APK for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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