Attack Hole MOD APK

Attack Hole APK v1.10.0+MOD (Unlimited Money)

Attack Hole APK v1.10.0+MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Name Attack Hole MOD APK Attack Hole MOD APK is the most famous version in the Attack Hole MOD APK series of publisher Homa
Publisher Homa
Genre Games
Size 129MB
Version 1.10.0
Update Aug 24, 2023
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Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to warp and roll, because the Attack Hole MOD APK is about to take you on a cosmic rollercoaster of hilarity! Ever wondered what it’s like to control a black hole that’s hungrier than a pack of ravenous space pandas? Hold onto your planet-sized hats, because this game is here to turn your universe upside down, inside out, and all around! Say goodbye to ordinary gaming – it’s time to embrace the wacky world of Attack Hole and its insatiable appetite for chaos.

Attack Hole MOD APK

A Buffet of Mayhem and Munchies:

Imagine a black hole that’s not just content with the occasional space snack – it’s a bottomless pit of cosmic cravings! Attack Hole catapults you into a universe where your goal is to gobble up everything that isn’t nailed down (and sometimes even things that are). Picture this: towering skyscrapers, speeding rockets, and even the occasional rubber chicken – if it’s there, it’s fair game! The more you swallow, the bigger your black hole becomes, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to rule the cosmos as a voracious vortex?

Tik Tok Goes the Clock:

In the whirlwind world of Attack Hole, time is your sneaky sidekick and your ultimate nemesis. As the clock’s tik tok steadily counts down, the pressure’s on to chomp, chew, and chow down at warp speed. Can you transform the universe into your own personal buffet before the time’s up? This cosmic race against the clock will have you strategizing like a space general on a mission to munch.

Gobbling Arms and Wreaking Havoc:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and trust us, you’ll want to), is to guide your ravenous black hole through “the hall down the hole.” There, an array of flailing arms awaits – arms belonging to characters that are as quirky as a dancing pineapple on a disco floor. It’s your job to make those arms vanish faster than a magician’s bunny, all while avoiding cosmic collisions and gravity-defying antics. It’s like a circus of chaos, and you’re the ringmaster!

Strategic Gobbling? You Bet!

Don’t let the arm-gobbling fool you – Attack Hole is more than just a cosmic feeding frenzy; it’s a strategy game that’ll tickle your brain cells faster than a hyperactive starfish. You’ll need to be as nimble as a caffeinated squirrel and as cunning as a space fox to navigate your black hole with finesse. It’s like a dance of devouring, and you’re the twinkle-toed star of the show.

Cosmic Multiplayer Smorgasbord:

Why dine solo in this cosmic feast when you can turn it into a multiplayer munch-a-thon? Attack Hole’s multiplayer mode is where the pandemonium truly shines. Compete against your buddies or some random cosmic contenders to see who can be the ultimate black hole boss. Arms will flail, laughter will echo, and the universe might just run out of popcorn as you battle to out-devour your opponents.


Attack Hole MOD APK isn’t just a game – it’s a warp-speed journey into the realm of cosmic absurdity. As you guide your black hole through the hall down the hole, remember: it’s not just about gobbling arms; it’s about becoming a gravitational guru while racing against time’s cosmic clock. So, gear up, laugh it up, and let your inner black hole loose in this universe of mayhem, munchies, and monumental fun! Get ready to suck in the laughter and spit out the good times, because Attack Hole is here to gobble ’em all in the quirkiest, most hilarious way possible!

Download (129MB)

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